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EST. 2021

There is no textbook for digital marketing. The rules change with every update of every platform. Every day, tried and true becomes old and obsolete, so keeping up with this wild west of clicks and impressions is a full-time job. Ours. And we’re really good at it.

The West Coast Creative started in 2021 as a way to help a few start-up companies understand the importance of branding. What we didn't expect was the success we had with those companies. In less than a year, The West Coast Creative grew from a one-woman show to a thriving agency with clients in industries that range from the Napa Valley Vineyards, BioTech, Non-Profit Organizations, Government Funded Defense Coalitions and local San Diego Brands. 

And this is just the beginning...



Many agencies hide their activity and their own antics behind large retainers to protect themselves from any scrutiny and make it harder for you, the client, to keep tabs. They work behind closed doors, so that you won’t notice their mistakes. Here at The West Coast Creative, we do the exact opposite. We open those doors and provide full transparency into the work we are completing for you. One of the many ways we provide this transparency is by itemizing your invoice to show you exactly where we spent our time so that we can continue to build our relationship around trust and good service.



CeCe has been so helpful and absolutely instrumental with web design and social media marketing for my company- she's very creative, and intelligent, and did an amazing job tying everything together to bring the vision I had to fruition.  I would highly recommend her to anyone! 

- Hannah, Rally Recovery

I started working with CeCe about 8 months ago. I was blown away with how creative she is and how much she was able to get done in a short amount of time. She built me out a website that went well over my expectations and she was very professional in doing so. I have recommended her to many people and I will continue to.

- Jake, Beyond Surf 

CeCe has been an absolute blessing to me and my company. She is professional and reliable. She has elevated my company to the next level and completely branded all my social medias and built out my website. She makes the most amazing videos, and is great to bounce all sorts of ideas off of. We have accomplished so much in such a short amount of time and I'm excited to continue to level my business up with CeCe by my side.

- Shelby, Eyehesive

Everything West Coast Creative does is top quality, very efficient, and very easy to work with.  As Triple V is a startup company, The West Coast Creative has sped up the process of our company getting exposure throughout the nation.  This company has provided marketing strategies that have helped build our credibility and partnerships with other companies.  We are excited and very grateful to have found West Coast Creative!  

I’ve had the pleasure of having CeCe create Facebook/TikTok video ads for me for over a year now and she is an incredible content creator. If you’re looking for someone creative and reliable to level up your marketing, CeCe is one of the best in the business!

- Savannah, The Social Savannah

- Joshua, Triple V

Cece of West Coast Creative is nothing short of fantastic! She jumped right in with an abundance of enthusiasm to help me with my business and the social media aspect of it. Her technical understanding of what it entails and what is required is so welcome to someone like me that is constantly trying to keep up with the ever changing aspects of it all! She is fun, driven, and passionate about helping her clients and I am so grateful to have her experience and expertise.

- Crystal, All Dolled Up Studio

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